Reflections on a residency

2024 McKinney International Artist-in-Residence: Roos van Haaften

A visual artist with a background in theater, Roos van Haaften was the guest of the Eskenazi School's McKinney Visiting Artist Series for a six-week residency in February and March. The McKinney International Artist-in-Residence, van Haaften is a lecturer at ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands, her home country. Van Haaften was nominated for the “Plat(t)form” of outstanding young artists at the Fotomuseum Winterthur in 2018 and is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

Van Haaften draws with reflections and shadows made by found materials to create fleeting mirages. Her light installations move between the boundaries of sculpture, photography, drawing, and theatrical performance. Working with light and shadow, the artist deconstructs the fourth wall in order for the viewer to complete the illusion in the mind. 

McKinney Visiting Artist Series

Endowed by Dr. Meredith McKinney (B.A. '65 and M.D. '68) and Mrs. Elsa Luise Barthel McKinney (B.A. '65), the McKinney Visiting Artist Series at Indiana University brings renowned visual artists from around the world to the Eskenazi School where they present a public lecture and interact with students as they work in the studio. Most McKinney visitors spend three to five days in residence, while each year's international artist-in-residence typically spends four to six weeks, during which the artist mentors students, demonstrates technique, and interacts with other units across the university.

Upon completion of her McKinney residency at the Eskenazi School, van Haaften shared her experience and impressions, which follow, in her own words: