Discover the world through its buildings + spaces

Our first wave of J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program students will build connections between art, architecture, and cities to become civic minded, innovative, and imaginative world thinkers. You will become equally versed in technology, science, art, and the principles of architecture, with curriculum that is designed to educate the architect of the future.

Learn among the modern masters

The J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program is housed in the newly outfitted Republic Building. The building is an architecturally important modernist building that has been designated as a nationally recognized historic landmark since 2012.

A glass one-story building at night.
A grassy area leading to a glass wall.
Drawings of architecture in front of a building.

Connect with design experts, scholars + professionals

Dig into the Columbus Architectural Archives with archivist and curator Tricia Gilson, or walk the streets of Rome with Dr. Allan Ceen to understand the history of urban planning in the ancient city.

A domed building.

Make international connections

The Miller M.Arch takes networking a step further, with the opportunity to meet, learn from, and collaborate with international architects and design scholars through the Nomadic Studio. These opportunities are promising not only for your global awareness and education as an architect, but for your future career.