Metalsmithing + Jewelry Design

Shape yourself into an artisan + artist

The metalsmithing and jewelry design area at the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design focuses on the development of technical skills in traditional and experimental metalworking and jewelry, as well as personal and creative direction. With one-on-one professional guidance, students refine their skills in formal design, craftsmanship, and creative concepts. Our graduates are prepared to teach at the university level or to practice as a professional artist, metalsmith, or jeweler.

Tools + equipment

  • Two rows of long workbenches to seat 19 students
  • Large demonstration/critique table and a common soldering area along one wall with stainless steel top accommodating four large rose bud torches and five acetylene torch tanks for soldering and annealing
  • Kerr Injectomatic II wax injector/vulcanizer
  • Burnout kilns (2)
  • Vacuum machine and centrifuge for casting
  • Lapidary equipment including a diamond saw and various grades of polishing wheels
  • Fordomes (2)
  • Dumore drill presses (2)
  • Large stand-up drill press
  • Non-ferrous buffing machine with various sizes, shapes and types of buffing wheels
  • Ferrous buffing machine with various sizes, shapes and types of buffing wheels
  • Wood and metal band saw
  • Scroll saw
  • Belt/disc sanding machines (2)
  • Cavallin drawbench with assorted drawplates
  • Rolling mill
  • Boonie Doon hydraulic press
Teaching support equipment
  • Chemistry lab ventilation hood
  • Area for electroforming
  • Industrial grade cabinets for corrosive and flammable chemical (2)
  • Stainless steel workspace that has various equipment for mixing chemicals
  • Portable exhaust system for spray paints
  • Setups for tumbling with ceramic and stainless steel shot (2)
  • Storage for expired chemicals and disposal
Hammer Room
  • Work space measuring 13' x 18' with soundproofing in the floor and in the walls
  • Large stumps (12)
  • Vices and stake holders
  • Dozens of sets of stakes and hammers
  • Large capacity sandblaster
A piece of art on a shirt.
A multicolored art piece.
A piece of metal art.

Melt + make

We nurture a quality of mind and system of values that will enable you to develop ideas that are worthy of expression. Experiment with a wide range of metals and materials to hone technical skills and discover innovative processes.

Visiting artists

Through the McKinney Visiting Artist Series and Metalsmithing Guild, the metalsmithing and jewelry design program hosts nationally and internationally recognized artists to meet with students, present their work, and give workshops and individual critiques.

Some of our past visiting artists include:

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Alumni making their mark

A person stands in front of a brick wall.

Shannon Carney

Shannon Carney is a contemporary jeweler who began her work in Italian fashion after studying at Indiana University. Since then, her jewelry has been featured in Vogue, Elle, and The Wall Street Journal. All of Carney’s jewelry is hand made from 18 karat gold, precious stones, and semi-precious stones.

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