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World-class museums and collections

IU Bloomington is home to some of the country’s most esteemed libraries and museums, housing vast collections of contemporary and centuries-old works.

130,000+Art books and related materials in the fine arts library

45,000+Artworks housed in the IU Eskenazi Museum of Art

IU Eskenazi Museum of Art

With works ranging from ancient gold jewelry and African masks to paintings by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso, the Eskenazi Museum of Art boasts internationally acclaimed collections as well as contemporary exhibits. Students can study nearly every art-producing culture throughout history—all without leaving campus.

Visit the Eskenazi Museum of Art

The “Light Totem,” created by IU professor emeritus of lighting design Rob Shakespeare, is an iconic staple of the Bloomington campus. In an IU tradition, students lie next to the Eskenazi Museum of Art at night and watch the rainbow light projections on the 70-foot wall.