How to Apply

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There are many ways to become an Eskenazi student. Your first step is to apply to Indiana University Bloomington. Once admitted, there are different paths that lead to the Eskenazi School.

  • Some students may enter through direct admission. Learn more about this honor for our top incoming first year students.
  • Students may enter through a secondary review process for direct admission, called a petition. Learn more about petitioning for direct admission.
  • The majority of our students enter the Eskenazi School through certification. Students begin at IUB in the University Division and then enter the Eskenazi School during their second or third semester after completing certain requirements. University Division students have equal access and take the same Eskenazi School courses as a direct admit. The only difference in your experience will be who is assigned as your academic advisor during your time within the University Division. Learn more about the University Division. Complete the following to automatically certify into the Eskenazi School:

    • 26 college credits (AP, dual credit, etc. count toward this total)
    • Maintain 2.0+ GPA in college coursework
    • Finish English Composition course (college writing)
    • Continue to declare an Eskenazi School major

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Test-optional policy

IU Bloomington has adopted a test-optional admissions policy beginning with the 2021 term. The test-optional admissions policy allows students to choose at the point of application whether to have SAT or ACT test scores considered as part of the application.

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No portfolio required

Incoming Eskenazi School students are not required to submit a portfolio with their IUB application for admission. In keeping with the liberal arts philosophy, we give students the opportunity to develop their technical skills, broaden their theoretical and historical knowledge, and reach their full creative potential while completing coursework in their major of choice.

The B.F.A. in Studio Art is the only degree that requires a portfolio review. This review is usually held in the sophomore year once a student has a strong commitment to intensive study in one studio area.

Our incoming, first year student scholarships require a portfolio review for consideration and awarding. You may review those scholarships here.


Contact us or schedule a meeting to learn more about the admissions process.