Sage Collection

Sage Collection highlights include:

  • The Glenn Close Costume Collection
  • Haute couture
  • Military, occupational, and sports uniforms
  • Senior Cords, Indiana’s unique expression of school pride
  • Clothing by noted Hoosier natives Bill Blass, Halston, and Norman Norell
  • Fashion publications, DVDs, and videotapes
  • Nellans Needlework Collection

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Elizabeth Sage

Elizabeth Sage (1868–1959) was the second professor hired in the newly created Department of Home Economics at Indiana University in 1913. The Buffalo, New York native and Columbia University graduate rose to the rank of Associate Professor and taught courses on textiles and clothing. In 1926, she published one of the first textbooks on the history of fashion, A Study of Costume, followed by Textiles and Clothing in 1930. During her career at IU, she established a collection consisting of clothing and related objects acquired during her travels, as well as personal and family pieces such as the Sage family baptismal gown (ca. 1830), and other examples of fine design and craftsmanship collected from friends and colleagues. Sage rose to the rank of Associate Professor and retired in 1937. Upon her retirement, the collection was transferred to the Home Economics department and was named The Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection. 

Elizabeth Sage, 1925 Photographer unknown

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For more information, contact Director and Curator Kelly Richardson.


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