Studio Art B.A.

Fuel your curiosity + customize your studio experience

If you want to gain broad skills and an understanding of art and art practices, but also want to explore the vast opportunities for intellectual discovery at IU, consider pursuing a B.A. in Studio Art. Choose to concentrate in one of our nine studio areas, or study a wide range of artistic disciplines (declaring a focus in a particular studio area is not required).

The program is designed to enable students to see, to formulate, and to articulate visual concepts through the manipulation of forms, materials, and ideas. Its basic aim is to develop awareness of visual expression within the humanist tradition.

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Choose to concentrate in one studio area or study a wide range of artistic disciplines

No portfolio required

Incoming art, architecture, and design students are not required to submit a portfolio with their application for admission. In keeping with the liberal arts philosophy, we give students the opportunity to develop their technical skills, broaden their theoretical and historical knowledge, and reach their full creative potential while completing coursework in their major of choice.

Is it for you?

The Studio Art B.A. program attracts students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. They typically possess some of the following interests and desires:

  • Wish to establish a solid foundation in the studio arts, and develop a significant portfolio of creative works
  • Affinity for both the fine arts and liberal arts, including the history of art
  • Aspire to stimulate creativity through intellectual curiosity
  • Interest in developing expertise in both new technology and traditional practices in an environment that encourages creative experimentation and invention
  • Interest in increasing command of the formal aspects of visual concepts

Learn from nationally and internationally recognized artists

You’ll have the opportunity to work with faculty who are practicing artists with a depth and breadth of knowledge in the field. Take advantage of time during studio classes to talk with instructors about your goals as an artist, and to discuss topics related to the course content, your assignments, and any readings required for the class.

A person sits with large red pieces of cardboard.
A person puts artwork in a flat file.

Work productively in teams of artists + designers

Creative collaboration is a skill that takes years to master. You will have the ability to respect, understand, and critically evaluate work across the disciplines of art, design, and merchandising. And you will gain a thorough understanding of the skills needed to solve problems unique to the industry.

Students might also work in apprenticeships with independent artists or craftspeople, and have the opportunity to work with departments on campus or for local businesses.