Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access

Diversity fuels creativity, drives innovation, and inspires expression

The Eskenazi School actively upholds Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) as critical principles of our research, teaching, and service. We validate the voice and potential of every member of our community, strive to create a culture where difference is valued, and celebrate multiple perspectives within and beyond the School. We believe that social and cultural consciousness can inspire meaningful dialogue and empower all to become influential and fulfilled citizens of the world.

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Our values: inclusive excellence, cross-cultural understanding, a broad definition of diversity, regard for marginalized voices, and equality and equity for all people

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity + Access Committee

  • Director for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity + Access—Co-Chair
  • Daniel Martinez, Co-Chair—Assistant Professor, Architecture
  • Deb Christiansen, Ph.D., Member—Executive Director Of Academics + Senior Lecturer, Fashion Design
  • Yaël Ksander, Member—Director of Communications and Marketing 
  • Carissa Garletts, Member—Undergraduate Recruitment + Admissions Director 
  • Hannah Osborn, Member—Administrative Specialist 
  • Sarah Carter, Member—Art, Architecture, and Design Librarian 
  • Loesje Krabben, Member—Inclusive Collections Assistant to the Art Librarian, Wells Library
  • Domenique Jones, Ph.D., Member—Visiting Assistant Professor, Merchandising 
  • Esther Oluyomi Afolayan, Graduate student member—M. Arch Graduate Student 
  • Cara Mason, Member—Graduate Recruitment Coordinator
  • Vacancy—Undergraduate Student Member 

IDEA Fellow Cohorts

The Eskenazi Office of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access facilitates quarterly intensive Inclusion, Equity, Diversity + Access Fellow Institutes. Each institute is a three-day intensive educational experience curated to increase cultural competency and awareness on both the professional and personal level for Eskenazi Faculty & Staff. This professional development opportunity is offered to Faculty, Staff, and Associate Instructors in the Eskenazi School. Participants who complete the program will earn the distinction of IDEA Fellow. 

The following faculty, staff, and associate instructors have earned the IDEA Fellow distinction. Each IDEA Fellow has demonstrated their passion and commitment to continued education and learning regarding their personal cultural competency and capital.  

IDEA Fellows recognize and understand that the work of Inclusion, Equity, Diversity and Access is urgent, intentional, and ongoing.

Fall 2022 IDEA Fellow Cohort 
• Sarah Carter, Member—Art, Architecture, and Design Librarian 
• Janna Ahrndt, Member—Lecturer + Area Coordinator, Digital Art 
• Susan White—Lecturer, Merchandising

Winter 2023 IDEA Fellow Cohort 
 Bryan Orthel, Ph.D., NCIDQ, NCARB—Associate Professor + Director, Interior Design  
• Hannah Osborn, Member—Administrative Assistant 
• Deb Christiansen, Ph.D., Member—Executive Director of Academics + Senior Lecturer, Fashion Design  
• Kelly Richardson—Director + Curator, The Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection 
• Eric Drowatzky—Associate Instructor + Sculpture MFA 

Summer 2023 IDEA Fellow Cohort 
• Elida Behar—Lecturer, Interior Design
• Cara Mason, MemberGraduate Recruitment Coordinator
• Daniel Martinez, Co-ChairAssistant Professor, Architecture
• Yael Ksander, MemberDirector of Communications and Marketing
• Olivia KalishEvent Services Coordinator
• Tonja TorgersonLecturer, Printmaking
• Sarah WilkinsonGraduate Services Coordinator
• Alexander LandermanLecturer + Area Head, Graphic Design