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Where creatives come together

This is about being part of a community that challenges everything you think you know, opening your mind to question, critique, and create.

Your peers come from different cultures, countries, and disciplines. Your faculty are experts in everything from ancient artifacts to video game design. And your classrooms and studios are worlds where any idea is possible.

I adore the Eskenazi School. I talk about our school to everyone I know. We are unique in community and resources.

Katherine Warnock, B.F.A. Fibers

Find your place in our creative community

We nurture artists by creating a supportive, collaborative community where all ideas and perspectives are embraced. There are endless ways to go beyond the classroom to not only meet great people, but also to use your talents to make a positive impact in the community.

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Cross-disciplinary + collaborative

What makes being an art, design, and merchandising student at IU different, is the freedom to create beyond your area of focus.

Your faculty are experts in everything from ancient artifacts to wearable clothing to product development. 

Interdisciplinary courses, research and creative activity, and collaborations encourage our students to experiment and diversify their educations.

Heart of a city + soul of a small town

People walk and bike along a paved trail.

Bloomington may seem like an unlikely place to find a vibrant art scene, diverse community, and scenic natural beauty. But it’s all here—the attractions of a city and tight-knit community of a Midwest town.

Music festivals and broadway shows. Pizza by the slice and international cuisine. Gallery walks and nature trails. You’ll find art all over Bloomington—from exhibits and collections to street murals and sculptures. Bloomington hosts events throughout the year that make art accessible and prominent in the community. There’s always something to do, see, and try.

And the best part: everything is just a walk or bike ride away.

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