Student Designs

Through the lens of the Bicentennial’s emphasis on past, present, and future, the design prompt for this project was to create a unique design from resale clothing that exemplified all things cream and crimson, all things Hoosier spirit wear. This project encompassed the entire design process starting with research and ideation, then the sourcing of resale materials, and culminating with the realization of the best design through patternmaking and construction of a garment. The final looks were styled to include upcycled resale clothing.

Daisy May: Design by Daisy May
Jack Boardman: Design by Jack Boardman
McKenna Yankel: Design by McKenna Yankel
Ricky Zhu: Design by Ricky Zhu
Sarah Blue: Design by Sarah Blue
Darrel Glass: Design by Darrel Glass
Kennedy Field: Design by Kennedy Field
Lutao Cai: Design by Lutao Cai
Katie Ulrich: Design by Katie Ulrich
Yichen Zhang: Design by Yichen Zhang
Yahilin Vera: Design by Yahilin Vera
Emily Axsom: Design by Emily Axsom
Jordan Olson: Design by Jordan Olson
Caroline Long: Design by Caroline Long
Sarah Ray: Design by Sarah Ray
Shaina Ford: Design by Shaina Ford
Matty Rabinowitz: Design by Matty Rabinowitz
Dayjah Lee: Design by Dayjah Lee
Ivy Anderson: Design by Ivy Anderson
Olivia Wagner: Design by Olivia Wagner
Jamie Westphal: Design by Jamie Westphal
Autumn Brandt: Design by Autumn Brandt
Felix Satterly: Design by Felix Satterly
Thomas Emoff: Design by Thomas Emoff
Cassidy Benbow: Design by Cassidy Benbow


Students learned about sustainable practices in the fashion industry, including current trends in sustainable design during the initial stages of the project. We visited a local resale store to source materials for re-fashioning and partnered with Sustain IU and the Hoosier2Hoosier Sale to recover unsold cream and crimson apparel. Students were encouraged to think sustainably to recognize useful materials and to repurpose and upcycle them in meaningful and intentional ways.

Resale store shopping trip for materials
In-class material selection of items from the 2019 Hoosier2Hoosier Sale
Creating patterns from existing garments
Student design ideation
Creative work and planning
Studio conversations and design sharing
Constructing original fashion designs
Studio construction time
Creative planning and problem-solving
Final stages of styling the look


To chronicle Indiana University’s rich history of Hoosier traditions, students studied artifacts from IU Libraries University Archives including Little 500 and sporting memorabilia, student memoirs, scrapbooks, and images from the photograph collection. From the Sage Collection, students examined historic IU-themed apparel and the pairing of cream and crimson colors in contemporary ready-to-wear and designer fashions. These special collections served as a primary source of inspiration for student designs.

Curator of the Sage Collection, Kelly Richardson, introduces the collection
Discovering the history of Sage Collection artifacts
Indiana jacket from the Sage Collection
Student study of Sage Collection pieces for design ideation
Measuring Sage Collection artifacts for proportions
Sage Collection day in the fashion studios
Director of University Archives, Dina Kellams, introduces the collection
Reviewing materials at University Archives for inspiration
Students study senior cords at University Archives
Studying Little 500 and sporting memorabilia at University Archives
Indiana University Arbutus collection at University Archives
Documenting design details on a letter sweater from University Archives