Career Advising + Internships

Unity + possibility

Internship experience plays a critical role in preparation for life after graduation. Our students are encouraged to seek out internships during summer breaks or throughout the school year as their schedule permits. Faculty provide networking opportunities with professionals through field trips, job-shadowing, and guest speakers in the classroom.

International internships in Hong Kong and Singapore are also available to merchandising students, integrating professional opportunities with rich cultural experiences.

Student organizations and studio art guilds

Joining a student organization within the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design is a great way to build your portfolio and gain professional experience outside the classroom. Collaborate with like-minded students in a supportive environment, plan events and exhibits, and work with visiting artists.

The Walter Center for Career Achievement is here to help

The Walter Center for Career Achievement provides extensive services and opportunities for our students to develop and hone their professional skills as well as supports a wide variety of recruiters and companies for students to explore and interview for internship and career positions.